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Home Express is an idea that started in 2000 to assist home buyers/homeowners to  better ways/options to finance a home. 

We have learned that Financing a home is a whole lot more than just buying a home. Every family needs a solid financial platform to build from, and for most Americans owning a home is the best ways to begin.  Everyone needs confidence when making such a large financial decision so we put in place the Home Express Mortgage Guarantee.

In addition to the Guarantees we also felt that many who have been told they can buy a home did not really understand what that meant. Sort of like being off to the races where you didn’t know the difference between the starting line and finish.  The next step was to set expectations and educate buyers on the process so that before they invest time and money they are prepared. Not only is is about educating up front, but also supporting a buyer’s needs as they are considering properties. Knowing your numbers before you commit to a home is a big advantage to a stress free home buying process.